November 30, 2022

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Camp Chef’s Woodwind Professional: Smoking Competitors With a Secret Weapon

The Camp Chef Woodwind Professional launches a patented ‘smoker field’ that permits the pellet grill to additionally burn wooden and charcoal for extra smoke management.

Smoked meals has a taste you simply can’t get from an everyday grill, griddle, or skillet. The sluggish, dry course of creates what’s referred to as a “Maillard response,” breaking down sugars and amino acids to present meals that distinctive smokey tang.

It’s additionally one of many oldest cooking strategies recognized to people. Smoking meals originated with cave individuals again within the Stone Age — although, the strategies and expertise of smoking have come a great distance since then.

Living proof: the brand new Woodwind Professional from Camp Chef. This 2022 pellet grill has patent-pending components, intelligent design developments, and a remote-control app with the simplicity of a pellet grill.

The Smoker Field: The Secret Weapon of the Woodwind Professional

(Picture/Camp Chef)

Most pellet grills burn one type of gasoline — wooden pellets. However completely different fuels yield completely different flavors.

So, Camp Chef developed a patent pending “smoker field” that permits customers to play with a spread of cooking fuels, from lump charcoal to hardwood chunks and wooden chips.

Right here is the way it works: Wooden pellets burn on the backside of the grill. Place your required smoking gasoline into the smoker field and insert that into the Woodwind Professional.

The pellets on the backside will ignite the gasoline within the smoke field, and a butterfly valve permits for temperature management. The smoke produced from the smoker field then circulates inside the grill, heating up and cooking the meals.

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Because the video beneath explains, if “you’re smoking brisket and wish that deep smoky barbecue taste, load up the wooden field and amplify that smoke taste utilizing wooden chips, wooden chunks or charcoal.”

Or, “Should you’re cooking a rooster and wish extra of a light smoke taste, go away the smoke field empty and easily use the Woodwind Professional such as you would a typical pellet grill.”

Grill of the Future

The Woodwind Professional has additionally received what Camp Chef is looking “superior warmth design.” A gasketed, dual-wall lid and down-and-out air flow system lure smoke and warmth within the higher a part of the grill, including much more taste to no matter it’s you’re cooking.

Camp Chef’s grills all even have a smoke stage controller. The LED-screen dial permits customers to exactly management the quantity of smoke (on a scale of 1-10) circulating inside the grill. The upper the smoke stage, the smokier the flavour.

That smoke stage controller makes use of a Wi-Fi-enabled PID controller, accessible via the Camp Chef app (sure, this grill has an app). Customers can remotely monitor and management their grill once they’re away grabbing beers, chatting with the neighbor, or doing yard work. It’s a smoker management panel you retain in your pocket.

Smoker Specs

The Woodwind pro offers a lot of space for cooking food. (Photo/Camp Chef)
(Picture/Camp Chef)

The Woodwind Professional from Camp Chef is available in two sizes: 24 inches and 36 inches (MSRP $1,200-1,500). The smaller mannequin has 811 sq. inches of cooking house. The bigger mannequin has 1,236 sq. inches to prepare dinner on. Each can attain temperatures of 160 to 500 levels Fahrenheit.

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Be taught extra in regards to the Woodwind Professional sequence at Camp Chef.

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